Next Up Summer Beauty: 12 Items to Buy Right Now

Climate Defence Facial Cream SPF 30, £29

Climate Defence Facial Cream is an untinted, reef-friendly, non-nano Zinc Oxide-based SPF 30 face cream which provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Lingonberry stem cells help protect the skin from the damaging effects of sun radiation and free radicals whilst improving skin texture. Prickly pear cactus extract deeply hydrates and soothes the skin from irritation and Hyaluronic acid helps promote a firmer, plumper appearance whilst locking moisture into the skin.

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Stylpro Neck and Face Smoother, £29.99

Upgrade your daily skincare regime with the STYLPRO Fabulous Firmer. This handy little device brings the innovative technology of modern spa treatments straight to your home. ​It utilises a combination of heat, massage, and coloured light technology, to fight wrinkles, age spots, acne, and an uneven skin tone. The STYLPRO Fabulous Firmer boasts different settings offering red and blue light therapy, that prevents oil build-up to reduce acne and blackheads and stimulates the production of collagen to increase firmness and elasticity.​

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Ayurvedic Soundarya Advanced Serum With 24 Karat Gold, £64

Even though we may all love the summer sunshine, it can be quite drying, making keeping your skin healthy and moisturised a challenge. The gorgeous Soundarya Advanced Serum with 24K Gold from luxury, Ayurvedic beauty brand Forest Essentials is the perfect way to lock in the moisture and keep skin glowing from within. Infused with 24K Gold Bhasma, the serum improves elasticity and firmness of the skin to help delay ageing while Pure Desi Ghee enhances complexion, adding a radiant quality. The extract of Orange Peel acts as a natural agent that helps in the reduction of pigmentation and brightens the skin, whilst Ashwagandha increases vitality, adding glow to the skin. Turmeric root extract helps combat against ageing of the skin induced by sun exposure, with the inclusion of Rice Bran Oil providing protection from UVB rays. We test-drove this, and can confirm we woke up with skin as smooth as glass!

Available from  as well as the Forest Essentials Covent Garden Store (28 James St, London WC2E 8PA)

Calecim Multi-Action Cream, £75

Stem cell skincare products are excellent to help your skin glow, using the power of exosomes. Calecim’s Multi-Action cream uses powerful science-backed ingredients to help your skin look youthful by smoothening deep wrinkles as well as facial creases.

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freeze-frame Non-surgical EYELID LIFT, £45

Join the growing wave of anti-ageing enthusiasts who are embracing a revolutionary alternative to dermal fillers, Botox and RF treatments for achieving the perfect eyelid lift. With proven results, the non-surgical serum is the latest, more affordable, at-home offering to launch in the UK. Created by Australian brand, freezeframe, an innovative skincare brand that delivers first-to-market, clinically proven solutions which target women’s most frustrating beauty problems. This lightweight serum powered by breakthrough peptide technology dramatically lifts sagging or hooded upper eyelids. 10 years in the making, this powerful upper eyelid lifting serum is the first topical treatment, clinically proven to treat ptosis, the most difficult sign of eye ageing, without surgery. Sagging eyes, also known as Ptosis, can affect one or both eyes and is more common in older adults, as it can happen during the natural ageing process.

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Bedew Skin’s Night Serum, £34

The skin’s metabolic rate increases at night which means that skin cells turn over more quickly at night and production of new cells increases. This new multitasking serum combines the hot skin benefits of Chilli with Glycerin, Niacinamide, Collagen Amino Acids, Squalane, Sea Buckthorn Berry, Vitamin A, and Soybean Extract, to leave skin refreshed, renewed and revived.

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Pearl Beauty Summer Essentials Bundle, £68

The Pearl Beauty summer essentials bundle contains a bronzer, highlighter and cult multipurpose stick in colours of your choice, and you receive a denim tote bag for free!

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Grow Gorgeous Repair Strengthening Hair & Scalp Mask, £25

Strengthen and reinforce brittle strands from within with this deeply hydrating mask, leaving hair and scalp healthier, softer, and stronger. Niacinamide supports the scalp’s natural protective barrier, while a bioactive blend of five ferments, rich in essential minerals, nourish the scalp and condition hair.

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Christophe Robin Colour Shield Mask with Camu Camu Berries, £30

This conditioning mask helps to give the impression of just-coloured radiance by infusing hair with a visible glossy sheen that looks lustrous and healthy looking, with Macadamia Oil to soften, and antioxidants derived from Vitamin E and Vitamin C help to protect coloured or bleached hair from external aggressors. Designed to nourish and enhance the radiance of coloured, bleached, and highlighted hair, the creamy formula helps to lock in colour for longer, preserving its intensity, while hair feels smooth, supple and healthy, with Phytosterols from Crambe Oil leave a veil to help maintain the appearance of vibrant colour.

Available from Russell JPLEX Set, £30

A dupe for other plex products on the market, that performs the same at a fraction of the price. The 4-step JPLEX range from Jerome Russell includes a Bond Primer (£11.99), Bond Building Shampoo (£9.99), Bond Building Conditioner (£9.99), and Bond Maintainer (£9.99) – all available exclusively on Superdrug with the current offer of buying the whole bundle for £30 – a saving of £12! The promotion is available on Superdrug website only and will be running through to September, so grab them whilst you can.

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Bstyled Blow Dry Balm, £6.99 

Big blowout hair is back (thanks to Gigi Hadid who’s giving major Cher Horowitz Clueless vibes!). Achieve the look with the Bstyled Blow Dry Balm professionally formulated to extend the life of your blow dry and give hair body and volume whilst protecting from heat damage and keep hair moisturised.

Available from www.superdrug.comJerome Russell Heat Protection For Straight Hair

Bstyled Heat Protect Sleek Primer, £6.99

Straight hair will never go out of style. Lock in the straightness with the Bstyled Heat Protect Sleek Primer, which will defend your hair from heat up to 230°C whilst giving a smooth and polished finish, with anti-humidity properties that leaves locks ultra-sleek.

Available from www.superdrug.comSilk’n SonicYou Purple, £89

The SonicYou can clean hard-to-reach areas and cleans deep between the teeth. With its sonic vibration technology, it tackles plaque and impurities more effectively than a manual toothbrush to ensure a brilliant smile.

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