Isn’t it funny how some items of clothing just get you noticed, in a way that others don’t…

Earlier this week I was rushing from the gym to supper with my lovely husband-to-be. Tired and facing a hefty cross-London trot, I was extremely tempted to keep my trainers on for the trip and switch to my heels on arrival.

All in all my outfit was dull; black dress, black tights, black bag. So I decided I needed the flash of my leopard print courts to brighten up the look, and what a difference it made. As soon as i set off I realised I was catching the eyes of both men and women alike, and I know that wouldn’t have happened if I’d plumped for my comfy trainers. Nothing to do with physical attraction, these looks were all about the love of a good accessory, and I revelled in the power my bright heels wielded!

Of course this phenomenon is not limited to animal print heels. Any accent piece or trend will have you turning heads.

So next time you feel a little short of attention, or in need of a sartorial pat on the back, spice up your outfit with killer heals, a flamboyant vintage jacket, or a slick of red lippy. Prepare to stop traffic!

Rowan McKinnon
Rowan is a Fulham-based personal stylist and owner of style consultancy Style Eyes.;

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