A sparkling new year with Meriko

Let 2016 be your year to sparkle. Whether that’s through developing your career or delving into a new one, meeting someone special, trying something out of the ordinary or simply adding some shine to your jewellery collection.

We all know that positivity and good vibes help us live life to the full, so let your jewellery enhance that. Meriko London understands the power of crystals and stones, embracing semi-precious stones with empowering properties, such as black agate, which brings the wearer luck and happiness.

Meriko London uses a variety of colourful and naturally unique semi-precious stones in beautiful gold and rhodium plated sterling silver settings, including cufflinks for men. Their aim is to bring a touch of vibrancy to your day and offer quality and durable jewellery that will stay with you for a lifetime.

meriko2 meriko4

The bestselling Gold Coast Collection includes these two- and four-stone rings, which come in one size that can be adjusted for any finger, so make a fabulous gift—or an even better New Year treat for yourself! The collection has also added a special edition long earring, made from faceted black agate and 18kt rose gold plated sterling silver.​


Treat your man to an effortlessly easy and sophisticated pair of cufflinks to coordinate with your own jewellery. ​


The long Lariat Necklace with sweet flower detail comes in elegant black agate, bright turquoise or delicate rose quartz, to name a few. Christmas may be a time for giving, but let the new year be a time for a little self indulgence!


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