11 of the Best New Scents for Autumn

Miller Harris Myrica Muse, £125

A fruity floral musk fragrance created by perfumer Emilie Bouge set to a confident blend of red fruits and charming upcycled rose mixed with spices and a nuanced boozy character to give Myrica Muse a seductive, sophisticated finish with retro charm.

Available from www.millerharris.com

Noble Isle’s Golden Harvest Range, from £20

A particular favourite of ours, this fresh fragrance uses a blend of three English grape varieties making it the perfect addition to any washroom. The Golden Harvest collection has been created with aromatic golden fruit, earthy woods and musk, combined with antioxidant English grape extract. A glorious blend of mellow fruitfulness inspired by fruits of the vine with notes of violet leaf, sun-ripened grape and green apple, embellished with the gentle fizz of juniper berry and antioxidant grape extract from the North Downs of Kent. The scent is available in a bath and shower gel, hand lotion and wash, and a reed diffuser – personally, we want them all!

Available from www.nobleisle.com

By Far Perfume Collections, £180

Reimagining the traditional fragrance model, BY FAR has designed a custom nomad-sized refillable charm that doubles as an accessory. Its 100ml refill bottle allows you to fill in your charm five times on the go. Style as a charm on your bag, clip onto your favourite pair of jeans or anywhere else for an unexpected sensory statement piece. Characterised by a colourful kaleidoscope of modern softness, the DAYDREAM collection creates a blurred olfactory journey through the real and unlived. Inspired by the delicate spritzing of stories on skin, each fragrance oil has been handmade in Grasse in the South of France and is an exciting testament to the rigorous craftsmanship of three celebrated perfumers: Fanny Bal, Jean-Cristophe Hérault, and Caroline Dumur.

Available from www.byfar.com

Miller Harris Figue scented candle, £50

This is a green transporting and atmospheric candle which carries you to the edge of a vineyard, rich sunlight bursting through a fig tree, fragrant, earthy and sensory. A green, fruity burst of freshness balanced by soft woods. Temptingly opulent, like the lustrous fruit it emulates. Just ripening and ready to gracefully fall from the tree.

Available from www.millerharris.com

Miller Harris Figue Diffuser, £65

A green and atmospheric scent takes us to the edge of a vineyard, rich sunlight filtering through a fig tree. Add a sophisticated touch with Miller Harris’ fig diffuser. Delivering a continuous burst of green fragrance throughout the day, it evokes sumptuous fig in the heat of the summertime.

Available from www.millerharris.com

Noble Isle The Greenhouse range, from £20

Noble Isle’s The Greenhouse range is steeped in midsummer – a botanical journey in scent through the meandering paths and herbaceous borders of an English walled garden in full fruit and flower. Alongside blooms of clematis, jasmine and honeysuckle clambering over arbour and arch, frothy displays of sweet peas and the pastel-hued spires of hollyhocks, delphiniums and lupins, stands the traditional greenhouse with its elegant, steeply pitched roof. Comes as a body wash and lotion, hand wash and cream, and candle.

Available from www.nobleisle.com

Okiki Skincare, Nana Yaa Serwah Candle, £30

The best-selling candle at Okiki Skincare, this is the perfect scent for Autumn. A powerful mix of fragrant mimosa petals create a warm honey-like scent, that combined with the warm tonka beans and lemon, creates the perfect blend of citrusy but floral.

Available from www.okikiskincare.co.uk

Okiki Skincare, Oro Candle, £35

This limited Edition candle from Okiki Skincare makes a great essential to buy this Autumn. Fill your house with essential oils and scents that will help you relax and unwind this winter. The essential oils included are Black Oud, Pink Pepper, Bergamot and Vanilla. The candle is accompanied by a crackling wood wick which will make it a truly spiritual experience. Relax and energize the natural aromas around you.

Available from www.okikiskincare.co.uk

Noted Aromas New York, inspired by Santal 33, from £19.99

Noted Aromas is a designer dupe perfume company which has a whole host of fragrances inspired by your favourite designer perfumes – meaning you can smell like your favourite perfume but for less. 

Available from www.notedaromas.co.uk

NEOM Grapefruit, Mandarin & Eucalyptus Boost Your Energy Candle, £54

A complex blend of the purest possible, precious essential oils, including fresh and zesty grapefruit, enlivening mandarin and clean eucalyptus. Fill the room with the scent of throwing open the windows on the brightest, sunniest day and drink in the optimism, energy and motivation.

Available from www.neomorganics.com

Van Clarke LifeSaver Deep Sleep Overnight Treatment, £32.50

This is the fragranced version of Van Clarke’s famous LifeSaver Pre-wash Treatment. Rich in their unique cashmere protein complex, HydrabondRx, it will radically transform the health, strength and suppleness of your hair. And because a good night’s sleep is the best beauty hack, they’ve imbued the formula with a natural essential oil complex including Egyptian Geranium and Lavender to help you slip into a deeper quality sleep whilst your LifeSaver is at work.

Available from www.vanclarke.com

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