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Win a 12 month membership to The Mama Collective worth £300!

Congratulations to Anna Hallett who won this competition and is now a member of the Mama Collective!

UK’s leading health coach Louise Barton, founder of Live Well With Lou, launches an affordable health coaching monthly membership, The Mama Collective, to help busy mums transform from burnout to achieve greater balance. Sharing tools, expertise, and mindset and nutrition coaching to help mums achieve greater wellness and alignment…

The monthly membership will be home to a community of like-minded women and include live coaching sessions with Louise, daily manageable bite-size activities, practices and activations for mums to incorporate into their routine to establish new, healthy habits and cultivate renewed energy. Understanding just how time-pressed mums are, the exercises and workshops are designed to be compressed so that mums can easily factor into their daily schedules. The programme is about utilising micro-goals and micro-change; small incremental steps that add up to make big changes. Reports show that just 10 minutes a day of mindfulness is all you need to make a positive impact on your mental wellbeing.

As the kids return to school, and the summer draws to an end, September is otherwise known as the second calendar “new year” to parents; an ideal time to introduce new habits and instil routine and motivation. The Mama Collective is centred around empowering mums with self-love, nutrition, mindset and mindfulness coaching without breaking the bank. The programme will run all year round and is specifically designed so that you can join at any point in time.

Here’s a run-down of the live sessions each month:

Inside The Mama Collective, there will already be over 20+ sessions on self-love, self-care, nutrition, breathwork, grounding, gratitude, mindset tools, as well as guided mindful mama meditations that you can dive into!
Then each and every month you can join in with 13 live coaching sessions (which will then be saved to the collective if you miss the live sessions).

1 x Nutrition workshop: think cook-a-longs, ‘how to’ sessions, gut health, sugar detox challenges, healthy brekkies, smart snacking, superlattes, smoothies…

1 x Nutrition bites session: informative nutrition coaching session on topics like mood food, why fibre is the ultimate superfood, mama supplements, the world of adaptogens, nutrition for better sleep, eating for calm, general nutrition tips and hacks to help you ease the motherload and feel your best

Weekly guided mindful meditations: guided group sessions to press pause, connect, ground, refresh and re-energise using the power of mindful meditation

Weekly affirmations and mantras: your weekly pep-talk to help you feel motivated and inspired

1 x Reflections & intention setting session: your monthly session to connect to you, reflect, and mindfully choose how you want to move forwards. It’s about taking aligned action and stepping forward into the new month living more by intention and less by default. The more reflective you are, the more effective you are!

1 x ‘Power Pause’ tools coaching session: build your toolkit of self-care practices including breathwork, gratitude, mindset, grounding, self-love, and mindfulness tools

1 x Guest expert workshop: think sound baths, EFT & tapping, women’s circles, supporting kids with emotions, chakra balancing, fitness sessions, positive parenting workshops…


Monthly recipe and meal plan pack: take the stress out of meal planning with my plant-based recipe pack and/or omnivore recipe pack. Includes simple and delicious recipes, meal plans and shopping lists – keeping you inspired and motivated to fuel your body with super yummy, wholesome foods.

Community! Access to The Mama Collective community where we can share the highs and lows of parenting, support each other, hold each other accountable, motivate and inspire, and just say ‘me too!’

All sessions are saved in the collective hub so you can access them anytime you miss the live sessions because #mumlife!  And the sessions are there forever, no time limit, so you can go back to them time and time again.

For more information about The Mama Collective visit www.themamacollective.mykajabi.com or visit their Instagram