Tim Minchin

Kew Gardens

Review of Pink Martini and Tim Minchin: Kew the Music 2012 on Thu 4 Jul

‘Cheese!’ Minchin exclaimed across the picnic blanket-adorned gardens of Kew. My friend Sarah and I were up on our feet right by the stage – the best place to receive the full force of Minchin’s hilarious facial expressions and superb musical talent – reaching notes akin to Mariah Carey and playing the piano for a good three minutes while not even looking at his music sheet. After his encore, Minchin thanked the producer, Gary or Jerry (he couldn’t remember which was the correct name, so got us to chorally thank both, just in case) and thanked the ‘moshers’ and the ‘flight path’ before shuffling off the stage, bare foot.

The sun started to set behind the greenhouses of Kew, creating a dramatic orange and purple backdrop to the stage and changing the mood as the sultry Storm Large sauntered onto the stage with her 12-piece band, Pink Martini. They eased us into Pink Martini’s signature smooth rhythm with some classic songs, but before you knew it, Storm was singing a duet in Japanese with Saori Yuki, a Turkish classic (which prompted some nearby Turks to jump and dance with pride) and a Romanian love song. It was truly a roller-coaster of entertainment and we were in awe of their talent.

As the night came to a close, the show ended with a bang as fireworks lit up the sky. Despite the crowd of people, it had felt like a private concert – intimate and special. A wonderful evening in a perfect location, with top-class musicians.


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