Natural History Museum

Wildlife Photographer of the Year; Natural History Museum; Cromwell Road, London, SW7; 8 October 2019 - 31 May 2020; tickets from £13.95

The fifty-fifth Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition will immerse you in the breathtaking diversity of the natural world.

Encounter the beauty and fragility of wildlife, see fascinating animal behaviour and get to know extraordinary species, exhibited on 100 stunning lightbox displays.
Go deeper and discover the surprising – and often challenging – stories behind the images during a time of environmental crisis.

A panel of international experts selected the awarded images from almost 50,000 entries by the world’s best photographers.


Palaeoart - Reconstructing the Past; Natural History Museum; Cromwell Road, London, SW7; 1 November 2019 - 28 April 2020; free

Palaeoart is the term used to describe artwork that attempts to reconstruct prehistoric animals and their habitats using fossil material and the latest scientific knowledge.

This display brings together a wide range of palaeoart, from nearly 200 years ago to the present day. Artists and scientists depicted long-lost creatures together for the first time in the early nineteenth century – around the same time as scientists began seriously studying prehistoric life. As our knowledge and understanding has grown, artists have been able to make increasingly realistic depictions of the fascinating creatures that once existed.

Today, palaeoartists often work with digital media, though they still collaborate with scientists to create accurate depictions. Using new evidence and ideas, they continue to help us understand how extinct creatures once lived, moved and behaved.


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