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Five things WLG loves doing in her 30s


'You are starting to look like a Crunchy Granola’

‘I’m stretching on the floor now,’ Lauren responded when I asked her what she was up to. Lauren has a bad back and a bad ankle. ‘We are getting old,’ I responded. ‘I have a chafed bum from last night’s spin class.’
‘I hope you have some Sudocrem,’ Lauren laughed.
‘I blame my G-string,’ I replied, regretting how much I had admitted.

‘What are you up to this weekend?’ Lauren asked.
‘I’ll go to the food market on Saturday and I might see an exhibition. You?’ Lauren has also started to give me weather updates. Frankly, our conversations are getting rather like those my mum has with her friends.

Actually, when I asked my mum about her weekend plans she revealed that she was going to a reggae party above a pub. Afterwards, she admitted she returned home at 5am. I didn’t make it to the exhibition; in fact I had an afternoon nap.

There are a lot of things the 30-something me loves to do (and that I never thought I’d be doing)…

  1. Going to the food market on Saturdays. I might pretend that I’m addicted to trying out Ottolenghi recipes but actually BBC Good Food recipes are easier.
  2. Watching films at home. You can have a drink and not worry about needing the loo halfway through.
  3. Weekend afternoon naps. Makes your brain work faster, apparently.
  4. Having a stash of birthday cards. Birthdays, births and weddings creep up on me. I particularly like browsing museum shops for artists’ cards to stock up on.
  5. Reading for pleasure. I’m secretly pleased that my next work trip flight isn’t direct.

If you checked my Facebook you’d think you had the wrong person: it’s full of party, travel and restaurant pics. And I have advised Plan B to post a few party photos on his Facebook. ‘Why?,’ he asked.
‘You are starting to look like a Crunchy Granola.’
‘What is a CG?’
‘Someone who likes to spend their weekends at garden centres and village fetes.’
‘That is who I am now. Get used to it,’ he said with finality. A couple of days later he sent me a photo of him holding a pint in a crowded bar with a Viking helmet on his head.