West London Girl

A familiar face


The ‘exclusive’ question had recently come up

‘Two shots of Don Julio 1942,’ I heard an American voice behind me say to the barman.
‘Having a drink @ the Connaught X,’ I continued my update to Hot Danish.
‘Are you using WhatsApp?,’ the voice was closer to me now. ‘What do you think about Facebook’s acquisition of it?’ I turned on my stool to see a tanned, smiley face.
‘I’m not sure how they’ll make back the $19b without advertising,’ I responded. He offered a drink.
‘You must try this,’ he said while handing the other glass to his friend. I politely declined.

Luisa returned from the bathroom and the conversation continued between the four of us. ‘I’m sure I recognise you,’ I said as introductions were made. He was the American whom I went on several dates with over three years ago. ‘Now I have to get you ladies a drink,’ he insisted. He’d left trading and NYC and was living in California and dating a girl for three months – the ‘exclusive’ question had recently come up.

‘What did you learn from your dates with the American?’ his friend asked me.
‘Never to date a banker,’ I joked. The American had to leave for a meeting in Roka. ‘You missed out there,’ his friend said.
‘Oh no, I’m very happy with HD,’ I said. The gregarious and generous American was certainly more relaxed than when I met him a few years ago but he was clearly still chatting up the same girls in the same bars.