What’s Hot on Yachts in 2018

From large yachts for sale with beach clubs to yacht charters to remote cruising destinations, we look at what’s trending in the superyacht world in 2018. The must-have trends dominating superyachting this season

In 2018, we’re seeing the trend continue for the extra-indulgent features seen on large yachts for sale, such as yachts with beach clubs, health spas, drive-in tender bays, deck infinity pools, and private Owner’s decks.

Water toys remain ascendant in driving charterer decision-making, while the way we use yachts is also changing, with the demand for remote cruising and go-anywhere yachts on the rapid rise. It’s not all about large yachts for sale either; there are some exciting surprises emerging in the small yacht market too.

The Water Toys that Dominate

The market for superyacht water toys just gets more exciting by the year, with the perennial favourites of Jet-skis and Seabobs being joined by new toys like electric surfboards and underwater drones.

Yachts with a wide range of water toys are particularly popular with the family charter market, with inflatable toys like yacht waterslides continuing to dominate charter demand. Floating docks and pools are also a popular way to extend the yacht’s real estate on the water while making boarding the yacht easier.

Remote Cruising is Changing the Way We ‘Yacht’

The popularity for explorer yachts and superyachts equipped for long-range cruising is only continuing its rise, with a growing interest in remote, emerging, and exotic destinations fuelling higher levels of interest in ‘go-anywhere’ yachts.

This boom has led to the corresponding trend for large yachts for sale with a wealth of superyacht toys and expedition style equipment on board, such as helicopters, submarines, car garages, and amphibious vehicles. With the increased space required for carrying these toys is also driving increased demand for support yachts, which just carry toys and crew to support the ‘mothership’ superyacht.
The new trend for cold water cruising to destinations like Antarctica, Patagonia, and Norway is also leading to a different direction for yacht amenities, such as ski-rooms for yachts with heli-ski capabilities as well as cosy touches like fireplaces and deck fire pits, as well as deck spaces that can be covered in and climate-controlled.

Interior Trends

As for interior yacht layout, a private Owner’s deck on the upper deck is an extremely popular feature on larger yachts for sale, while the traditional yacht interior layout is being modified to include more on-deck staterooms and more convertible cabin arrangements to suit different group configurations.

Small Yachts offering Large Yacht Features

Yet it’s not all about large yachts when it comes to exciting trends. Smaller superyachts are increasingly including special features into their design that you would normally only encounter on larger yachts, such as drop-down balconies and submergible swim platforms, convertible cabins and even beach clubs. Most recently, Australian yacht builder Maritimo has found space for a beach club on a 60-foot yacht!

Jacuzzi’s remain the most popular amenity on charter yachts, with an increasing number of small yachts finding space for a hot tub in their deck layout.

What’s next?

With each year the superyacht industry evolves, with yacht designers and owners breaking up the ‘rule book’ and creating astonishing new vessels, equipped with the most cutting-edge tech and toys. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

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