What paint colours complement red brick?

Reddish bricks have a charm on its own. Houses built of it are stylish and full of character. However, sometimes they serve as an accent and need to be complemented by paint. Are you looking for the right paint colour that perfectly complements red bricks? Here are the best choices that create a stunning composition.

Colours for outdoor siding

How do you know which paint suits the best the overall aesthetic of your house? It all depends on the style of your exterior and its features. You need to know that cream-whites and greys always look well with red brick, but there are other options that go down with your exterior:

  • off-white – it surely adds elegance to the look of your outdoor siding and presents magnificent on porch columns, shutters, or entryway doors. White paint palette is easy to apply, but if you want to make it absolutely stunning, consider hiring decorating company in London. Skilled and certified specialists will do what they can to provide an impeccable effects and soothing contrasts,
  • grayish-green – if you want to add some earthy tones to your brick house, this colour will definitely accent the architectural features,
  • navy blue – creates a perfect combination with brighter red bricks and make your exterior look more sophisticated. Just a touch of this paint on entry door or shutters will surely guarantee that your building will stand out among others,
  • black – this is a timeless colour that goes very well with any other. Do you want your home to remain trendy and in classic style? Black paint can make a significant difference in your curb appeal.

Of course, these are not the only options. If you want to obtain a stunning effect, consult an experienced painting and decorating company who always comes up with astonishing ideas.

Woman standing at entrance to house

Interior paints that go with red brick

Are you lucky to have a brick fireplace or a stylish accent wall in one of your rooms?  Selecting the right paint to compliment the effect might be a challenge. Read on to learn which colours complement the brick work.

  • gray – a versatile and quite safe option for those who prefer classic solutions. Gray palette allow you to expose the texture of the bricks,
  • dark charcoal – painted around the fireplace will make it stand out and brings out the natural tones of red brick,
  • warm blue – creates an unexpectedly stunning composition with interior bricks and invokes a calm and peaceful aura. This is a perfect match for kitchen, bedroom or living room,
  • rich bronze – if you want to refer to natural, earth colours, you will find bronze and red brick very attractive. This is a bold proposition, so be careful while applying the paint and do not overdose it in too many places. Otherwise, it may result in a look that creates a dull atmosphere inside.

Looking for an appropriate paint to complement your red bricks? Consult your choices with professionals, as there are so many possibilities. With a little help of painting experts and some effort, your house will become a beautiful and stylish space.

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