The Mother’s Day gift that lasts forever: wardrobe therapy to bring out her best

A gift that will lift her mood and spirits way beyond Mother’s Day: wardrobe therapy to bring out the best in your mother with a little help from style consultant Lauren Manville.

Lauren Manville Style is more about empowering women and increasing their confidence as opposed to just updating their wardrobes. Delving deep into the psyche, Lauren brings her experience in patient-centred therapy to bring the client to a more motivated sense of connection with their wardrobes, following any life challenges such as pregnancy, divorce, anxiety or recovering from a serious illness such as cancer.

Lauren says, “These events can be a huge influence on a person’s clothes choice, which in turn can validate the client’s poor self-perception and can even influence her performance in work or daily activities”.

lauren manville

There are two Lauren Manville Style gift packages available:

Personal Shopping Experience

Put the creative process back into shopping and watch your wardrobe and confidence transform in the process. Lauren will help you find your ‘Makes me look amazing’ selection by piecing together your usual lifestyle, shape and style and then creating the perfect shopping solution for you.

You will get to visit a range of shops, perfect for your budget and look, get up to speed with where the stylists shop, and learn to shop effectively, finding key pieces that evoke the ‘wow’ factor and help you feel more confident in your wardrobe and life in general.

The Colour Analysis

A real mood changer—help your mother change the way she feels about herself and others will follow, with a Lauren Manville Colour Session. If your mother is heading towards darker colours, then it can be a reflection of how she is feeling about herself and life in general. By using the right colours, she will be able to feel more reconnected with herself and embrace a new sense of self.

Lauren first offers a consultation and then puts together an interactive moodboard based on the client’s palette, with links to key pieces to purchase in those colours. Afterwards, you will be able to see the way your mother carries herself, her visible confidence and willingness to engage in conversations and social interactions undoubtedly improving, increasing her involvement in and thereby quality of life.

Personal Shopping Experience: Half a day—£245; Full day with lunch—£395
Colour Consultation: 2 hours—£200 plus travel expenses outside London

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