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Spring 2015 interior design trends

This past beautiful weekend was only a little taste of what’s to come (we hope!). The sun was shining throughout London this April bank holiday and the longer days and warmer nights are finally here. What better way to get you and your home ready this spring than by following a few simple but creative interior design trends? Adding that little breath of fresh air to your life will leave you with that extra spring in your step!

Brighten up your décor

Don’t be limited to sticking with the same décor in your house all year round—how boring is that?! Get creative this spring and freshen up your homes! One idea is to mix up and brighten your colours by making your own décor and accessories.

One of the more popular options to add a spring touch to your living room is by designing and personalising cushions for the sofa and making spring-themed tablecloths and chair covers. Both of these ideas are fun, practical and will add that extra homey feeling to the room.

Another interior idea to brighten your home this spring is through floor and table lamps. With the days being longer, there’s no need for big bright lights. What are advisable are smaller lamps to not only provide some lighting to the room, but also look fresh and work perfectly as a spring decorative feature—not something that’s going to just be stuck in the corner of the room! A wide variety of lighting choices are available at Lampcommerce to find the perfect option for you this spring.


Spring is the season for floral

Beautiful flowers blossom in the spring, but they don’t have to just be blooming in the garden. Floral prints are one of the biggest spring trends of 2015 and the patterns are becoming an increasingly popular decorative element within homes, giving them a vintage and retro touch. From bed sheets to curtains and floor rugs, the striking floral designs give any room an automatic feeling of happiness and a clean, fresh vibe, bringing energy to your house.

Particular flowers that are trendy within a home are orchids and tulips. Don’t worry, guys, floral patterns aren’t always girly either (we’ve seen you with your flowery shirts on!). If you do it right, floral patterns can end up looking very elegant and sophisticated—it’s all about simplicity. Designs can be beautifully elegant with a simple white colour adding a bright but natural feeling this season, proving to be a great breath of fresh air!

rug floral

Pastel palettes

Add a calm and relaxing environment to your home this spring by opting for simple but statement pastel colours. Popular choices to add the ultimate spring feeling to your house are buttercup yellows, mint greens, pretty purples and blush pinks. What’s great about pastel colours is that they all work well together and complement each other.

So whether it’s painting the walls, redecorating the headboards, or purchasing bedside tables or vases for your orchids and tulips, pastel colours are a guaranteed winner for your home this spring.

Something to be aware of if you are going to opt for pastel coloured walls, however, is not to overdo it. If you are planning on getting the paint out this spring, keep your furniture and accessories neutral with whites and creams! Too much colour in one room will make it look cluttered and smaller than what it really is.


With spring in the air and summer on its way, now is certainly time to get into this season’s spirit. Follow a few of these spring 2015 interior design trends and you’ll have that super sunny feeling in your home in no time!

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