Space Saving Ideas for Working From Home

New research reveals that even though lockdown restrictions may be lifting, 55% of office workers in the capital city will continue to work from home, with 2 in 3 (64%) admit to being desperate for more space at home. For office workers, over a third (34%) said their bosses see no point in returning to costly office spaces and 34% are shutting down the office altogether, which means more people will be permanently working from home.

With Londoners getting used to a work-from-home lifestyle, people are having to get creative. Almost a third (30%) are now making their homes multifunctional; 36% decorating or converting their homes, and 31% decluttering to carry on working from home. With this in mind, celebrity home organising experts, the Style Sisters (who’ve worked with Rita Ora, Amanda Holden and Millie Mackintosh), have launched ‘Style with Attictude’. The campaign tackles Londoners’ biggest space challenges which include almost a third (30%) looking for creative solutions to work from home.

With this in mind, here the Style Sisters share their top space-saving tips for working from home:

Use a portable lap tray

Working from home isn’t always great for your posture, so an easy solution is to buy a portable lap tray. There are all sorts on the market including some with cushions and mouse trays; non-slip types; ones with led lamps so you can work late; designer lap trays – and even ones that come with accessories. We use a simple wooden lap tray with legs that balances on the sofa which is comfy and great if you want to relax with the TV on in the background.

Use self storage to create space

With space at a premium, an instant way to create more space to work from home is to use self storage. We recommend Attic Self Storage that has a range of affordable storage units that’s open 24/7 for convenience, with new sites launching including in Marylebone this August. Whether it’s for filing, stock, or other office-related materials, self storage is often more affordable than upsizing your property of renting office space.

Carry a peg board and caddy holder

Two must-have work from home items are a pegboard and caddy holder. With a pegboard you can create mood-boards and leave notes, photos – whatever inspires you; while a caddy holder allows you to keep stationery together like pens, pencils and markers, which can be carried around with a handle. They look great and you can even attach the caddy (if smaller) to the side of your lap tray with double-sided sticky tape to save space.

Wheel around a work trolly

A work trolly can be wheeled around and has multiple shelves ideal for working from home. We like adding plants and a candle to the top shelf. Also workbooks and folders to other shelves, chargers too – you can even have a printer if your trolly is big enough. You can buy these from all major home and office retailers and if you’re a creative type, it’s great for all your paints and mixers or crafts like knitting and fabrics.

Multiple use areas

Consider different areas of the home that can be used for multiple uses. For example, a dressing table can double up as a desk; a kitchen work surface with a stool you can hot desk from – put a small table in the hallway as a work hub, and ironing board can be your stand up desk. If you have outside space, you can even use your campervan or shed to create location independence that can suit your mood. There are so many affordable ways you can work at home by utilising what you have.

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