New luxury bedroom furniture brand, Bed SOS opens store in Bath

Is your bedroom a lively, colourful, tranquil space that reflects your persona or is it a haven of serenity and tranquility away from the anxieties of everyday life? A classy and stylish bedroom is pretty much than a place to sleep. It should be a shelter of peace where you can relax and be yourself. Your choice of furniture in your bedroom should reflect not only how you want to use the bedroom, but also the personality of its occupants. Regardless of what you think your bedroom design should look like, Bed SOS is ready to help you to finish and furnish it with appeal and style.

Bed SOS just opened a new luxury bedroom furniture brand in Bath. They have an extensive selection of stylishly designed and luxurious bedroom furniture and accessories organized in store – arranged in room sets. This can offer inspiration for you as you see how pieces fit perfectly. This arrangement can help you select a color scheme that aligns with your personality and can serve as a base for your design. You can then narrow down your options before selecting the vital pieces of your bedroom furniture sets. You also have the option of finishing up your bedroom design with accessories soft furnishes like lamps and cushions.

Bed SOS partners with highly skilled manufacturers and designers worldwide, so you can be sure that every item is perfectly crafted and in line with industrial UK standard measurements. Our products are top of the hat with perfection our watchword. Each bedroom furniture is handcrafted with solid wood and hand-forged iron. The dresser, bed, night stand, chest is finished one-at-a-time to create your luxurious bedroom furniture. Our exquisite luxury bedroom furniture is available in variety of sizes, colors, fabrics and finishes. This range of options allows you to combine different pieces to create the bedroom of your
dreams. You can also specifically choose your personal favorite fabrics to create distinctive, custom-built pieces for the ultimate luxurious bedroom.

Our team of talented and highly skilled professionals is always available to help you select individual pieces of trendy bedroom furniture, or transform an entire suite of rooms. At Bed SOS you have a range of luxury bedroom furniture to suit the most perceptive tastes. Our designs are truly classic to complement whatever style you have in mind for your bedroom.

Let us help you to create the perfect foundation for a look that is chic, elegant and durable. Our bed frames, bedside tables, bedroom dressers are known for their beauty, strength and durability. And they are available in an array of sizes to suit your personal taste. King beds, Queen Size beds, and double beds can be equipped with our premier mattresses for the ultimate coziness. Irrespective of your preference whether it’s a firm mattress, soft mattress, or a gel mattress, we have something for you in our extensive collection. Our luxury bedroom furniture can turn your bedroom space to a safe haven. There’s absolutely nothing more glitzy than white bedroom furniture. You can easily customize our luxurious bedroom furniture to create distinctive pieces to fit your interior perfectly.

Our central warehouse is located in Bath a county in south-west England. If you live in Bath and are in need of a bed, Bed SOS got you covered. We are Bath’s number one Bedding Centre. Please call us on 0844 357 0428 if you want to make any enquiries about our luxury bedroom furniture or to book an appointment with one of our highly skilled designers.


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