Five Essential Mobile Apps for Londoners

Living in a big city can feel overwhelming, and when you’re not sure of the best restaurants or bars to try, it’s hard to stop and ask a local! You may be lost in a swarm of buildings trying to find your bus or tube station. We have the top five apps to help you navigate life in London, from food, drinks, travel, entertainment and more.

1. Citymapper

This essential app is useful for anyone in London. Citymapper provides tube and bus information, route guides and offline maps. It’s incredibly handy to help you get around the city – plus if you travel outside of London, the app has travel information for a number of cities. Citymapper puts together all public transportation information together in one useful application. You no longer have to have multiple browsers up on your phone trying to find your bus or tube route.

2. Open Table

OpenTable helps you book tables at restaurants all over London. This great app prevents long waits for the restaurants you’re dying to try. Rather than turning up and being disappointed with a 2 hour wait, book tables far in advance and enjoy top restaurants. It makes it easy to discover new ones you’re never even heard of. Plus, with OpenTable, there’s also a reward point system!

3. Monzo

Living in London isn’t always affordable, and Monzo is the new app to help you control your money with just a few taps. Did you lose your credit card? You can freeze it through the app so no one can make purchases. Are you terrible are tracking your purchases and managing your bank account? Monzo provides helpful breakdowns of your spending habits, so you can stay on top of your money. This is a useful feature to have if you’re on a night out with friends or trying to save up for a big purchase.

4. TodayTix

Looking for entertainment on a weeknight or weekend? Find cheap London theatre tickets with the TodayTix app for both Apple and Android devices. This app makes it easy for culture lovers to experience London theatre at a price that won’t break the bank. With top West End plays and musicals available, discounts and regular ticket offers, you can see some world-class theatre for much less than you think. Another plus with TodayTix, they have exclusive, app-only Rush and Lottery tickets for some of the biggest shows of the season!

5. Deliveroo​

Did you decide to stay in on a Friday night, but your cupboards are empty? Deliveroo makes treating yourself to a takeaway easier than ever. This app features top restaurants, so you can discover something new or go for one of your favourites on the other side of town. You will never wonder where your driver is with delivery tracking (helpful if they can’t find your address). Do you need desserts delivered to your doorstep ASAP? Deliveroo delivers from so many places that yes, you can get a box of doughnuts or that chocolate cake you’re craving whenever you want it. These five apps will make living or visiting London even easier. Take advantage of the food, drinks and entertainment that the city has to offer.


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