Buy Best Premium Bathrobes & Beach Robes – Here is the list!

The use of bathrobes and beach robes is important in some cases like when you are having a sunbath in a poolside. In such places, you can’t wear shorts or something like that because you might be looking to have a quick bath in the swimming pool or beachside. 

However, you can’t choose a product blindly or carelessly without considering its quality and durability. Keep in mind that premium quality bathrobes will let you have an extraordinary experience. If you haven’t tried a bathrobe or beach robe of such quality, you should read this blog till the end. 

Here, we will share a list of 3 products that are considered of premium quality. You will also get access to a platform from where you can buy these bathrobes without getting confused about quality. 

What to Look at while choosing Bathrobes?

While choosing a bathrobe, you have to focus on some factors to make sure that you have picked top-notch products. Many people end up having a low-quality product just because they don’t know about those factors.

For your assistance, we have shared the list of factors that we evaluate to finalize the list of premium bathrobes and beach robes. 


The very first thing we evaluate while checking the bathrobes is the material with which they are made. You will find multiple materials like cotton, towelling material, and others that have been used to manufacture bathrobes. 

It is good to choose those products that are made with 100% pure cotton with towelling material to make it comfortable, soft, and absorbent for you. 


It is a technical term used for bathrobes which stands for grams per square meter. This factor indicates how heavy your bathrobe can be for your body. It is good to choose a product that neither has excessive value for GSM nor the smaller one.

The reason is this quality also helps you dry your body after taking a bath. You can say that GSM indicates different factors like absorbent capacity, ease of use, and warmth properties. 

Absorbing Capacity

You can get an idea about the absorbing qualities of the bathrobes by reading its description. It indicates whether you will remain comfortable or not by wearing it after a bath. You must choose a bathrobe that can quickly dry your body and give it a soft touch. 

With this, you will not feel irritated and keep enjoying the beachside or poolside where you can rest after having a fun time. 

Durability & Pricing

Last but not least, you should also keep an eye on the durability and pricing of the bathrobes. Firstly, you must make sure that the bathrobe is durable and can serve you for a long time. It is good to have a product that can be washed in a machine because such products are usually durable.

Secondly, you should check the pricing tag of that beach robe. Make sure that your selected product doesn’t have an expensive price range because it may not be suitable for you if you are already short of budget. 

Best Platform to Buy Premium Bathrobes & Beach Robes

When it comes to buying bathrobes or beach robes, you will find a long list of vendors available on the internet. However, you can’t rely on any of those because it can waste your time and money. We have researched a lot and found Thetowelshop, one of the best choices for these products. 

From this UK-based online store, you can access hundreds of products listed under the tag of bathrobes. Some qualities of the platform make it better than others. The best feature of the platform is its affordability. 

All their products are available at affordable pricing making it accessible for everyone. Additionally, they have verified their products from authoritative organizations like Oekotex, TSA Gold, and ISO 9001:2015. It shows that the manufacturer is using high-quality materials for the production of bathrobes.

This is the reason why we have ranked it as the best platform to buy bathrobes online. You can fearlessly access this platform to find premium quality bathroom accessories including bathrobes. 

3 Best Bathrobes to Buy from Thetowelshop

With a single search, you can find hundreds of products available in its list. For your quick selection and reliable usage, we are here with a list of 3 bathrobes and beach robes that we have found the best. 

Egyptian Cotton Towelling Dressing – Overall Best

On the top of our list, we have ranked cotton towelling dressing made with Egyptian style. This Egyptian cotton dressing covers your full body to give a sense of warmth and dry your body after a bath. Its hood will help you cover your hair too if you are feeling cold after swimming.

This is the perfect pick for use as a beach robe because of the full body coverage and extra absorbent. The bathrobe has 470 GSM which is fair enough to give extra absorbent and warmth to your body. With its machine washable properties, you can easily clean it to be ready for next time use and store it safely. 

In the last, its two frontal pockets make it perfect for beachside usage as you can take your necessary accessories. 

Turkish Cotton Towelling Bath Robe – Stylish 

Sometimes, you might be looking to have a stylish look in addition to being comfortable. If you haven’t found a product for this, check out this Turkish Cotton Towelling Bathrobe. This product has been made stylish to give you an elegant look.

With premium quality towelling material, it will help you feel comfortable quickly after getting dried. Moreover, its extra softness gives your body a soothing touch. You will not feel irritated by the fleece material that is used widely in bathrobes. 

Last but not least, its appealing white colour gives you a prominent look if you are among your friends at a pool party. Like other bathrobes, it also has two frontal pockets making it suitable for carrying your accessories like mobile phone, hair brush, etc. 

Pure Cotton Towelling Gown – Affordable 

If you are looking for some affordable product from Thetowelshop, you should try this pure cotton towelling gown. This dressing gown has a lower price tag with premium quality material. You can get it in different colours because this specific product is available in 6 different colours. 

Moreover, the bathrobe has been set to be a perfect product for extra absorbance. It will help you feel comfortable by getting a soft touch. Its 100% cotton material makes it more durable without giving a weird look. 

This is the perfect bathrobe for those who don’t want to have heavy weight around their shoulders. You can easily wear it and have a fun time on the pool side with your friends. 

Final Verdict

By reading this blog about bathrobes and beach robes, we are sure you have learned enough about these products and why you should choose the premium ones. We have discussed everything related to these products to let you have a perfect experience. 

For extraordinary results, we suggest you choose Thetowelshop for top-notch products. You can use their products for a long period because of their extensive durability properties. Moreover, they will be safe for your body because the materials have been tested by the authorities. 


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