Feder Fine Jewellery

Established in 1919, family-run company Feder Fine Jewellery are approaching their first century. Both established yet contemporary, they specialise in stylish, easy-to-wear pieces to take you from the boardroom to bar, to brunch with the family.

Four generations of Feders have taken the helm across the last hundred years, with the youngest face of Feder, Ben, leading it in new and exciting directions. Growing up in a family of jewellers, Ben was surrounded by women who loved and understood the power of jewellery.

Inspired by his wife’s frustration with the lack of practical yet beautiful pieces, he decided to relocate to her hometown of London, making it his mission to bring high quality and stylish jewellery to women worldwide.

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Feder fills a niche in an otherwise over-saturated market. Where city boys flash status watches, women’s jewellery has been divided into impractical-yet-expensive pieces bought more often by men, or cheap costume jewellery that they can’t fall in love with.

Feder makes statement pieces that are durable, wearable and practical for everyday, yet comparable in quality and materials to the finest big name brands. Being an independent, family-run business, the quality and standard of craftsmanship is maintained as a point of pride.

Each and every order is individually handcrafted using the highest quality materials. 18K gold, diamonds and gemstones come as standard, with prices that reflect the true cost of workmanship, not the bag it’s delivered in.

A whole generation of successful, cultured and self-curated women have become wise to overpriced big brands like Cartier and Tiffany, aware that the price they pay doesn’t reflect the materials used or craftsmanship involved as much as a label, which in itself is a little bit naff.

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This ethos is expressed perfectly with a brand like Feder, I use the term ‘like’ loosely, as incredibly, they seem to be one of very few high-end jewellers tapping into this shift in what women want.

Of course there are and always have been alternative options. Until recently, the more discerning woman might take a jaunt to Hatton Gardens, meet a lovely jeweller, but then spend many months faffing over design, stone, finish and price. But more often than not, this process takes many hours, if not whole days, from choosing, to making, to buying, to wearing. And while these bespoke independent jewellers don’t necessarily charge over the odds for their craft, their prices have to reflect the cost of their premises, showroom, and prime-location studio.

With a brand like Feder the whole process of buying a timeless piece has been made remarkably short and simple. Busy, style-conscious women can choose a beautiful piece, extraordinary in design, yet practical, durable and appropriate for office or leisure; all the while safe in the knowledge that its price reflects only the true cost of workmanship, not brand name or studio location.


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