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Alexander Mercury

Actor-director Alexander Mercury discusses the inspiration behind his directorial debut, Mama - Saint Sebastian, being kicked out of the UK, and the enduring power of Charlie Chaplin

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Tell us a bit about yourself…

I was born in Siberia, an industrial town called Krasnoyarsk. Countless factories kept the sky wonderfully grey all year round. Regardless, I had a beautiful childhood escaping to my dacha—a countryside house—where I spent … Read more →


Natasha Barnes

Singer and actress Natasha Barnes on signing to Sony Music, being tone deaf as a child and an alternate life as a boxer

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You’ve just been signed to Sony Music; how does that feel?

It wasn’t something I was expecting at all; I work mainly in theatre and, despite always being in love with many genres of music, I never saw myself as … Read more →

Around The World in 80 Days. Michael Hugo (Passepartout), Kirsten Foster (Mrs Aouda) & Andrew Pollard (Phileas Fogg). Credit - Andrew Billington

Andrew Pollard

Andrew Pollard, currently playing Phileas Fogg in Around the World in 80 Days at Cadogan Hall, on his childhood stars, church pantomimes, playing the straight man and the downside of Victorian style

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How did you get started with acting? Have you always been drawn to it?

I was first drawn to it watching my grandparents doing church pantomimes. They also had a stash of photos of them and my mum doing panto … Read more →

georgie mason

Georgie Mason

Painter Georgie Mason talks to us about working on 30 paintings at a time, making a difference through art and wandering around looking for inspiration 'like a paint-splattered scarecrow'

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What does being creative mean to you?

Having ideas and making them into something has been part of my life forever, from ‘pretend cooking’, Lego sculptures and being let loose with paintbrushes in a house that was about to be … Read more →

Sofia Cacciapaglia - photographer Talitha Puri Negri

Sofia Cacciapaglia

Artist Sofia Cacciapaglia on being addicted to beauty, exhibiting at the Venice Biennale, and translating reality through figurative symbolism

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Why do you label your style “figurative-symbolic”?

In my painting everything seems to emerge from the world of dreams. The viewer has no reference points, definitions or real landscapes to grasp on to. The dialogue I establish with each work … Read more →

lara heems

Lara Heems

Jewellery designer Lara Heems on her eponymous international brand, affordable luxury, creative social media and stealing her mother's earrings

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How did you get started in jewellery?

I fell in love with my mum’s pearl hoop earrings when I was a kid—I used to steal them and wear them to school, thinking I was the best looking girl in the … Read more →